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Enagic Health & Wealth Seminars is a One-of-a-Kind Presentation Seminar Designed To Help You Create a Secure Financial Future, Boost Your Personal Wellness & Empower Your Peace of Mind. Many of our Successful Partners have gone off to create their dream lifestyle well into Retirement without having to get a 2nd Job, rely on Social Security Benefits or Pensions. You DO have Options to create extraordinary health & wealth, and You will discover how when you Register for a FREE Ticket below!
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Meet Your Seminar Host, Peter Chapman...
I am going to  pull back the curtain and show you the real truth about creating wealth and personal health so you can secure your financial future and enjoy peace of mind.
Dear Fellow Baby Boomer & Friends with Big Dreams for The Future
You're about to discover how an average bloke, turned what seemed like complete and utter tragedy and a future of gloom and doom, into a life of joy, security and peace of mind I had only imagined.

If you're anything like me, you probably have been a good employee for the majority of your life. You've shown up for work, did a good job and at some point, you began to calculate how much money you would need to have saved up to maintain your lifestyle, and avoid becoming a burden to others in the  future.

You're looking down the line and wondering how you are going to be able to afford to retire.

According to financial experts, working class people have less than £500 in their savings account and over 56% don't even have enough money saved up for retirement.

Looking ahead, I knew I needed a contingency plan for my  'After 60' Golden Years or else I would end up like the majority, depending on their children or the government for financial help.  

I didn't want this to be me!

So I invested in the Real Estate market hoping this would be the answer to my prayers for a secure financial future, only to lose all 4 properties during the infamous Market Crash of 2008-2009.  As you can imagine, a financial hit like this created additional stress on my health and in the midst of all this mis-fortune, I was also dealing with personal health issues resulting from the stress of this overwhelming loss.
As if that weren't bad enough, I unexpectedly became a widow after being happily married for 39 years.

It felt like the world was caving in and I didn't know how to dig myself out. 

After a temporary bout of depression I knew I had to pick myself up and dust myself off and make the most of the rest of my life. I had to turn my test into a testimony so I could help others avoid the pain of high-risk investments and struggling with poor health in the latter years.

That's when I became serious about my Plan B.

I applied all my energy and focus into a Business Venture that not only catapulted me into Financial Security, Better Health and Success but I also met my New Lovely wife, and am happy to say that we just broke ground on our Brand New Holiday Home in Thailand which will also help improve her family's well-being.

In short, I've been able to pay my good-fortune forward and teach others how to secure their financial future, increase their well-being and enjoy peace of mind well into retirement.

It doesn't matter if you are 40, 50 or 65 and older, retirement is around the corner and it will  be expensive! But there IS A Better way to enjoy your life and increase your health and wealth and I'm going to teach you exactly how at our Enagic Health & Wealth Seminar, so make sure to claim your Free ticket now while supplies last!

"I Double My Income EVERY Year and My Future is Secure and so is my Family!"
Attending Peter's Health & Wealth Seminars has changed my life! And from there I have changed and help other in my family and friends alike! 
If you are in the wellbeing and wellness business, wanting to help people to be in good health, this is for you!  The rewards are amazing and to me, this is the opportunity of a lifetime, so after 2 years, I can give up my service and maintaining business up for good and be full time in this amazing opportunity of my life! 

Am traveling and enjoying meeting friends as I tell them about my new business venture. I Am helping all people to live a lifestyle that is free from pains and medications! I double my income every year and my future is secured so is my family! ~ Eddie CHEONG, Glasgow Scotland 



And you are looking for a Low-Risk Investment to add to your wealth portfolio that doubles or triples in growth every year.


If You're a Baby Boomer, by now you know the True Cost of living during your retirement years. Make the BEST of the years you have left by increasing your income, boosting your time freedom & enhancing your personal health so you can enjoy a life lived well!


If you are troubled by the state of health of the world and want to do your part by sharing a powerful message that in turn pays you handsomely, you need to be at our Seminar!


If Entrepreneurship is in your blood, and you'd like to learn how to Triple Your Income this year with a Multi-Billion dollar Company, our Seminar is for You!


Are You a people person who loves to teach others and create a significant extra income doing so? Our company is Rock Solid, over 40 Years old and has sold 800,000 Units of our Core Product! It's a Total Winner!


What you'll learn at our Health & Wealth Seminar will position you to have the ability to travel the world, meet new people and yes, make lots of money if you choose! No Dream is to big or too small! Your Life Plan fits inside our Unique Opportunity.
"Peter Chapman is my mentor, my Business Partner & My Friend..."
Peter Chapman my mentor, business partner and friend. I have to thanks Peter for being in the position I am on my business today and all thank for his help with presentations, seminars, and guidance. With his help, my businesses are growing day by day and our friendship will continue for many years to come. I can highly recommend Peter! ~ Juan Cruz
"A Brilliant Presentation, Professionally Delivered!"
I have been to several of Peter Chapman's Health & Wealth Seminars and find them interesting with lots of help and useful information. I like the way the audience helps and interacts with your presentation. A brilliant presentation professionally delivered. Regards Lisa Lorne
Worried about Your Future Pension or the State of your Health?
While on the pursuit of supplementing my low income within my chosen career and help my future pension, I knew I had to seriously look for low-risk Options that would pay off handsomely.

Maybe the thought of future financial stress and worries is also affecting your health, which left unattended can end up being costly as well! 

This is why my solution takes care of both and once you attend one of my Health & Wealth Seminars you could be one of many All-Stars who have gone off to create a spectacular income and vibrant health that was only once a dream!

Retirement Statistics are Grim, How do You Plan To Live the Rest of Your Life?
According to an article in ageUK The Changes to the State Pension age are startling and troublesome, to say the least! 

The State Pension age is currently 65 for men and it is gradually increasing for women from 60 to 65 - it's 63 and nine months from April 2017, and 64 and six months by April 2018. New plans announced in July 2017 now mean that the rise in the pension age to 68 will now happen in 2039, which will affect people born between 6 April 1970 and 5 April 1978.

This Means that You'll have to be 68 YEARS OLD to Collect a Pension, so if you just want to work until you cannot enjoy a pension because you are not physically able to enjoy your retirement you need to do something that will help you work LESS and Earn MORE and help you retire much earlier.  

At our Health and Wealth Seminar You will DISCOVER How my Income enables me to not waste Effort on a PHYSICAL JOB and Work PART-TIME earning a FULL-TIME income from my Laptop and My Seminars!
Do You want to Live a Long Life and not be physically active? I don't know about you but I want to live a long life being physically active and Enjoy the Rest of My Days without Financial Worries, that Negatively Impact your Health, Well-Being and Peace of Mind.
"A Mentor Who actually Walks The Walk!"
I would like to share how important it is to have a mentor - someone who has actually 'walk the walk' rather than just talk about what they are hoping to do. This gives you confidence and strength your own resolve that your goal is achievable. 

When I was uncertain about myself and business Peter instill in and encouraged me to lead  - his constant support not just verbally but practical as well for example conducting regular presentations enable my team to flourish. This has benefited me greatly especially when I am in one part of the country and team members are in another. I truly thank Peter for his continuous support and leadership. Pam Sewell
Tony Robbins Taught Me To Have a Vision for the Future...
I've learned from many mentors in my life and one lesson that stays in my mind from one of my most impactful Mentors, Tony Robbins, is that you must have a vision for the future, you must TAKE ACTION towards that future and you will enjoy the RESULTS of taking that Action.

Maybe your current reality is not matching the picture in your mind for what you want your future to look like.

Maybe you are just not sure how to get there.

Personally, I knew that I wanted to Travel, be physically active so I could enjoy my grandchildren.  I didn't want to keep doing physical work well into my retirement years.

I didn't want to depend on my children, they already have enough burden trying to raise families and support themselves.

My attempt at investing in the Real Estate Market proved to be a disaster and I lost everything.

But the one 'constant'  amidst what seemed as my demise, was my VISION. I saw myself traveling, enjoying time with my grand children and building a legacy for them to enjoy and be proud of.

And during my Health and Wealth Seminar I will show you exactly what I've done and the steps you can take to do it too.
Enjoying Travel with my Son and Spending Time with My Grand Children
My Wife's Family will Live in a Nice Home for the First time Ever!
If You have a Vision for the Future that includes living life on your terms, having fun, making money, enjoying life, providing for your family, world travel, optimum health, independence and building life long relationships... Grab a free ticket to one of my Health & Wealth Seminars now... and I'm sure you will be happy that you did!

Cheers! We look forward to meeting you soon!
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